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September 2020

Now that a new teaching term has started - or is about to start - many of us are busy with our daily tasks of teaching, research, and administration. The online format is perhaps a little more familiar, though still raises challenges and questions around what it means to learn, and what is our role as tutors? We encourage you to be part of discussions about teaching and pedagogical research in our members area. In our blog this month, we raise the issue of how we can tackle systemic racism that is inherent in many of our societies and throughout academia. We need to make changes, so what should these changes be? Be part of the discussion, be part of the change!

June 2020

Welcome to the new ESPLAT website! Thank you for your patience as we worked on this behind-the-scenes. There will of course be things we'll need to tweak and adjust as the website settles in, and we hope that it will grow and develop as we expand teaching and learning in psychology across Europe and beyond. For existing members, please note that you will need to create a new log-in for this site and add your payment details according to your membership level. For new members, please do the same. Do get in touch with us if you have any problems logging in or getting access to pages. 

A couple of new things for the new website: (1) the ESPLAT blog, in which we will invite members and guest-bloggers to contribute something on a particular topic related to teaching and learning in psychology. (2) A discussion forum - in our members area - to make it easier for us to discuss, collaborate, and support each other in various teaching, learning, and research endeavours. 

Our colleagues in Australia (AusPLAT) have also written a blog on 

enhancing wellbeing for academics: just what we need right now.

Happy reading and enjoy a break when you can!

March 2020 news:
During a time when many countries are affected by the COVID-19 virus, the impact on teaching and learning is no doubt being felt across the world. Discussions about moving teaching online, for instance, have sparked up a series of discussions about how feasible this is, with short notice and no training or resources. There is concern for both students and academic staff, since in some countries universities are closed for a period, and in others there is a dramatic restriction in access to teaching and examination sessions. It is a challenging time for all of us, but there is solidarity and support with our colleagues across the world, and we will get through this. 

Meanwhile, we are pleased to announce our very first ESPLAT newsletter. We are hoping that we can produce these fairly regularly, as a way to keep members updated with news and developments, in addition to the website, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Do let us know what you think: email Gillian ( or Sally (

Please note that since the content for the newsletter was written, many of the upcoming events - including the EFPTA conference - have been cancelled due to the restrictions on travel and public gatherings because of the spread of the corona virus. It is very disappointing, of course, but now more than ever we can support each other online and through digital communication. Even phoning one another! These are tough days but we (both teachers and students) will get through this. If you can share digital resources or expertise/advice on teaching online, please get in touch (with Sally - email above) and we can collate resources and add these to the website for everyone to use. Most importantly, take care of yourselves. We need you all safe and well. 

February 2020 news:
We're busy working on some things at the moment, including preparing for conference presentations later in the Spring (such as the EFPTA conference in Bratislava), and we'll update the website as soon as possible. 

Meanwhile, if you'd like to share some news with members, please let us know - we can create space on our website for information about what is happening in your teaching adventures and research developments.  Have you been to any conferences recently or tried out a new teaching idea? Let us know if you'd be interested in writing a short blog about this for ESPLAT.

January 2020 news:
We're now at over 100 members! A very warm welcome to you all - and to those who have been with us from the start. There is a new 'members map' where you can add a pin and a short description of yourself (plus a photo, if you'd like to) so that we can connect with each other a little more and find out where we are, and what interests we have. Add your pin!

December 2019 news:
We've been busy discussing and trying out different resources to share with you all in 2020. If you have any ideas of things that you would like to see on the website or else provided for members through some other media, do get in touch! We'd very much like members to be involved in ESPLAT as it grows and develops, so you are always welcome to drop us an email. Please note that we don't always see messages sent through our website (we'll look into this...) so just email Sally at if you want to get in touch. Or send us a direct message (DM) through our Twitter account.

November 2019 news:
We've uploaded 10 presentations - so kindly shared - from our September conference in Utrecht. Click here to access the page and the presentations.  A huge thank you to the authors for sharing!

October 2019 news:
A warm welcome to our new and existing members, and a huge thank you for all your energy, inspiration, and intellectual discussion during ESPLAT2019 in Utrecht. It was a joy to meet you all and to share ideas about teaching and learning in Psychology. In the coming months, the new committee will be working hard to following up some of the ideas we shared and we are always interested in contributions from our members. So do get in touch, either through the website, or directly to Sally via Meanwhile, you can read the full Biennial Report below to catch up on the first two years of the Society. 

August 2019 news:
The Agenda for the General Assembly is now finalised and will consist of the following items: 

  1. Welcome from the President

  2. Executive Committee Biennial report

  3. Election of new EC members

  4. Open discussion on future directions of ESPLAT

  5. Official close of the meeting​

A copy of the agenda will be emailed to all members. Don't worry, the meeting won't be one of those where you daren't speak out for fear of being volunteered for something! The main aim is to give a short report about what has happened in the first two years of setting up the Society, the announcement of the new EC members, and time to hear from you all about your ideas and hopes for the Society. The name 'General Assembly' sounds incredibly dull but we assure you that we'll do our best to make it otherwise!

July 2019 news:
Applications have been received for vacancies on the Executive Committee, with two candidates applying for the Secretary General role. In this case, we need to vote! The applications of the two candidates are provided below. Please use the online survey at the bottom of this page to register your vote. Only one vote per member. Voting closes 31st August 2019 (midnight, CEST), so all votes must be in before this time to be an eligible vote. The winning candidate will be announced at the General Assembly on 26th September 2019. 


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