Upcoming ESPLAT Conference

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ESPLAT 2023: 14th – 16th of June 2023, Umeå, Sweden

ESPLAT 2021: Heidelberg

ESPLAT 2023: Umeå, Sweden

Past Conferences

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The ESPLAT2021 conference hase been hosted by Heidelberg, Germany, and held entirely online. More information about the conference can be found on the 2021 conference page. 

EuroPLAT 2017


 EuroPLAT 2017: 



ESPLAT 2019:


The EuroPLAT 2017 program book can be accessed here

Future ESPLAT conferences


Would you like to host ESPLAT 2025 or a later conference? Please complete the ESPLAT conference proposal form and submit to the committee via email. You can also get in touch if you have any questions or are just curious about hosting. We can discuss past conference experiences so that you know what to expect in advance. We could be bringing the heart of European teaching and learning in psychology to your university!